The Good Samaritan: A New Parable

Despite disagreeing that love of God is a factor in our love for our fellow humans beings, I have rarely (if ever) seen such a gracious and elegant statement by a believer regarding the paramount importance of treating others well, not just in spite of our beliefs, but actively negating our harmful ideas. The conclusion is plain and inarguable: Empathy trumps dogma.

The Discerning Christian


Church leaders from across the United States gathered at an ecumenical council to discuss the future of Christianity. Culture was changing, and they found themselves having to compromise their beliefs to remain palatable to the public. Much to their surprise, Jesus showed up to offer counsel. In the course of discussion, a leading theologian asked of Jesus, “What must one do to be a Christian?”

Jesus turned to him and asked, “How would you answer?”

The theologian replied to him, “First, to love the Lord your God with all your soul and all your strength and all your mind. Second, to love your neighbor as yourself.”

“Very good!” Jesus replied, “This is what one must do be a child of God.”

But the theologian inquired further, because there were issues where he wished to justify himself, “What does it mean to love?”

And Jesus answered him, “A gay man was…

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