Long Live the King – Godzilla (2014)

Podzilla! - The King of the Podcasts

In 1954 Toho Studios unleashed Gojira upon an unsuspecting populace, causing widespread devastation to countless bank accounts. In 1998 Tristar took this intellectual property and placed it in the incapable hands of Roland Emmerich, who stripped the character of every relevant trait and produced the most expensive Jurassic Park rip-off to date. This travesty caused Toho to spring into damage control mode and bring Godzilla out of hiatus early in the far more entertaining Godzilla 2000, producing a superior movie in under twelve months. I am very happy to report that Toho need not perform such emergency surgery in the wake of Legendary’s Gareth Edwards-helmed remake. This is a well-made, faithful and engrossing kaiju film, worthy of a place in that hallowed pantheon. Spoilers abound below the fold. You have been duly warned; please do not ruin this for yourself.

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