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Best of 2014 – A Challenger Approaches – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

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This time last year, J. J. Abrams was to be envied for being handed the least imposing of conceivable challenges; make a Star Wars movie that is better than George Lucas’ prequels. Even allowing for desperate apologetics on how Revenge of the Sith has glimmers of genius, this was not a high hurdle to clear. He simply has to make this film-going experience more enjoyable than rectal surgery with a splinter-filled wooden spatula. One year hence, a shining challenger has emerged. Simply put, Guardians of the Galaxy is the best Star Wars movie released since 1983.

Marvel Studios are on a good run, churning out a series of great films punctuated only by efforts that are “merely” okay. However, they did not stray far beyond the superhero genre until 2014, with a ‘hero flick resembling a metahuman Bourne Identity, and their very first epic space opera. The world of…

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