Writing about oneself, one must walk along a narrow path. One does not want to leave their audience no wiser at the end than at the beginning, but equally one might veer into becoming the kind of vainglorious tosser who uses the pronoun ‘oneself’. This is a tightrope that I entirely fail to walk, but there is some perverse pleasure to be found in successful failure.

Judging from the above paragraph, you might well notice that I am long-winded, verbose and self-deprecating. I applaud your powers of observation. What you may not have noticed are my luxurious ginger beard, sparkling blue eyes and general gregariousness. Alas, technology has only come so far.

Demented throat-clearing aside, I stand before you a 23 year-old philosophy graduate from the University of Edinburgh, an aspiring atheist and secularist activist, and archetypical ‘angry young man’. If what you seek are moderately amusing thoughts on a variety of subjects, from the alleged creator of the universe to Japanese giant monster movies, I extend you a warm welcome. I can only ask your indulgence as I stagger towards some simulacrum of ability. This blog has no theme and no real purpose, beyond offering target practice and much-needed catharsis to an over-stretched and confused mind.

With that, I welcome you to this braindump of my very own. If you enjoy what you read, my work his is at least partially done. If you do not, and if my ramblings have left you questioning my sanity, please get in touch. Disagreement is a great engine of progress, and rare is the conversation where neither party learns anything. Debate, discussion and discourse bring me both genuine and merely alliterative pleasure.

Contact Details

Twitter: @ThApstrphrRyl

Email: theapostropherroyal@gmail.com


2 responses to “About

  1. John Urquhart Millar

    J U M 5th, where did you get these thoughts from

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